Passage Studio is an innovative architecture and public art practice located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Our mission is to create beautiful spaces, objects, and graphics for our clients. We are known for our thorough design process in order to achieve simple results that are environmentally and socially conscious. 

Established in 2015, Passage Studio has blurred traditional boundaries in architectural practice and created projects that range in scale from buildings, to furniture and sculptures, while maintaining a focus on excellent design and craft. We have designed large interiors for corporate clients, bespoke residential houses, outdoor interpretive structures in wildlife settings, furniture design for a Canadian Manufacturer, brand and logo design for several companies, and a variety of temporary and permanent art installations and sculptures. We have won awards for some of this work, but more importantly we have created beautiful things in the world that those involved can experience. Our two principals, Jonathan Mandeville and Thomas Evans, collectively have over 20 years of experience in Architectural Practice and since forming Passage have broadened that skill-set extensively. As a small practice we are able to give excellent attention to every one of our clients and work with them consistently from start to finish of the project. 



Thomas Evans

Partner | Intern Architect



Jonathan Mandeville

Partner | Architect